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  • Flow sensor AWM5104VN
    Flow sensor AWM5104VN
    AWM5104VN airflow quality sensor technical specifi...
  • Flow sensor FS7002 series
    Flow sensor FS7002 series
    The FS7002 mass flow/anti-clogging sensor is made ...
  • Current sensor CSNE151-100
    Current sensor CSNE151-100
    Name: CSNE151-100 (rated current 25Arms) &nbs...
  • Current sensor CSNP661
    Current sensor CSNP661
    1. DescriptionThe CSNP661 closed-loop current sens...
  • Humidity sensor HIH4000-003 HIH4010-003
    Humidity sensor HIH4000-003 HIH4010-003
    Integrated humidity sensor: HIH4000-003 HIH4010-00...
  • Humidity sensor HIH5030-001
    Humidity sensor HIH5030-001
    Humidity sensor HIH5030-001 HIH-5030-001The operat...
  • Pressure sensor 26PCAFA6D
    Pressure sensor 26PCAFA6D
    26PCAFA6D small package pressure sensor 26PCA...
  • Oxygen sensor KE-25F3
    Oxygen sensor KE-25F3
    1. Characteristics of oxygen sensor (KE-25 KE-50):...
About Us
About Us
传感器-深圳市东隆伟业传感技术有限公司     Shenzhen Donglong Weiye Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. (SZDLWY) is an agent sales company focusing on foreign famous brand sensors, mainly for product sales and technical support for OEM manufacturer services. The company was established in 2011 and relies on years of sales experience And technical support to provide customers with quality and satisfactory products.The company's main products: gas sensors, pressure sensors, curr...